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Fuzhou, formerly romanized as Foochow, is the capital and one of the largest cities in Fujian province, China. Along with the many counties of Ningde, those of Fuzhou are considered to constitute the Mindong (lit. Eastern Fujian) linguistic and cultural area.

Its sheer, mist-shrouded sandstone mountains, known as the Thirty-six Peaks, are threaded by the Jiuqu Jiang and covered in lush vegetation. First visited by the Han emperor Wudi r. The best way to enjoy the landscape is to take a raft along the river, as it meanders through gorges known collectively as Jin Qu Xi Nine Bend Creek. Above the fourth bend, mysterious 3, year-old coffins are lodged high in the cliffs. Made of nanmu cedar , they are about 16 ft 5 m long; each contains a single individual wrapped in silk and hemp.

How they got here, however, remains a mystery. Several trails lead to the summits. The table-top shaped Da Wang Feng is the most difficult, while an easier climb is Tianyou Shan, the traditional spot from where to watch the sunrise. The highest peak is Sanyang Feng at 2, ft m. A path also leads to the Shuilian Dong, with a teahouse next to a waterfall.

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During the First Indochina War , Chinese military advisers had played an important role in the Viet Minh victory over the French. With the beginning of the Second Indochina War , Hanoi accepted support from both China and the Soviet Union in its struggle to reunify North and South Vietnam by force of arms. The Vietnamese Communists and the Khmer Rouge normally cooperated during the war, but there were, nevertheless, a number of border clashes between Vietnam and Cambodia dating back to

West Lake Park, dating back to AD with bridges and pavilions, and the Fuzhou Hot Spring Museum, introducing the ‘Dragon Impregnable, blessed state’ exhibition, are other worthwhile attractions.

Fuzhou may not be as popular as Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Guilin , Beijing , or Shanghai but actually Fuzhou is an ideal tourist destination with mild weather and graceful natural scenery. It features spectacular forest parks, unique gardens, historic temples, ancient-style architecture and old streets. Some of Fuzhou attactions include: West Lake Park the best-preserved classical garden in the city, dating back over 1, years, from AD during the Western Jin Dynasty Covers an area of 3, hectares, the mountain has wild plants and animals, ancient roads, waterfalls, lakes, deep ponds, bridges and caves.

Pingtan Island, or Haitan Island, the largest island in Fujian, and the fifth largest in China, has a beautiful coastal landscape with clean, fresh water and soft fine sand. When in Fuzhou do as the locals do Not only is it convenient and ideal for exploring all of BeiJing’s cultural heritage from the quickly vanishing HuTongs to the hidden secrets of the Forbidden Palace, but also covers in depth the whole BeiJing Area and surrounds including all the best sites and villages around The Great Wall of China.

Teas, Buddhism, mountains, beaches and islands get the picture

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Flanked by a traditional-looking shophouse exterior with a comfortable and homely interior, the restaurant serves excellent authentic Hokkien dishes, perfect for Hokkien traditionalists. The restaurant is also big enough for large-scale events like Chinese weddings. The address below has been updated to reflect this: Even though the prices may be slightly higher than other Hokkien restaurants, it is well worth the cost.

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Fuzhou’s Three Lanes and Seven Alleys is one of the most extensive, however, and it is unusually charming for the way the touristy souvenir shops blend seamlessly in with the surrounding neighborhood, where locals still live in the crumbling structures of their ancestors.

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Besides Mandarin Chinese, local residents of Fuzhou (Fuzhou people) also speak Fuzhou dialect, a language that is considered to be the standard form of the Min Dong dialect. Min opera, also known as Fuzhou drama, is one of the major operas in Fujian Province.

Pingtan General View Fuzhou is an old port city and has been an administrative center since the Qin Dynasty; the traditional date for its founding is BC. Marco Polo visited it around In the era of tea clippers, Fuzhou exported more tea than any other Chinese port.. Much of the best tea came from Wuyi Mountain area, up the river from Fuzhou.. Today, it is the provincial capital and administrative center, and also a major center for light industry.

Nike has a factory there, and a Taiwanese firm that makes shoes for Adidas, Reebok and others has four.. All are large factories, with several thousand employees each. Fuzhou is right across the straits from Taipei, and there is fairly heavy Taiwan investment.. The city is on the Min River, a few km inland from the sea, and the actual port is in the downstream suburb Mawei which has been a center for shipbuilding for several hundred years..

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Lijiang City Lijiang, a city in the northwest part of China’s Yunnan province, is home to the Naxi and several other ethnic minority groups. A commercial center in the s, its old town encompasses cobblestone streets, canals and Central Market Square with shops and restaurants. Fuzhou Fuzhou, the capital of southeastern China’s Fujian province, is a sprawling industrial and transportation hub.

Its downtown includes the “3 Lanes and 7 Alleys” quarter of preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings.

About this place. Fuzhou West Lake Park located in the northwest city, dating back more than 1, years of history, is a so far the best preserved a classical garden in Fuzhou.

Bamboo rafts amid the splendour of Yangshuo. The riverside town in southern China is most famous for its karst hills and traditional fishing-village lifestyle. Visitors can rent bikes and head to the countryside to find a more calming scene: Most travelers reach Yangshuo from Guilin. The journey takes around 90 minutes.

It’s one of a handful of mammoth waterfalls in the world that’s accessible for viewing from almost any angle — from above, below, front, back, left or right. The best visiting season is June to August, when the water reaches a peak flow of cubic meters per second. The nearest traffic hub to Huangguoshu Waterfall is Huangguoshu Airport.

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