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Who was the trainee that smoked marijuana with T. P at his house? What is the identity of this trainee? How did the police find out that T. P was smoking weed? P and starting their investigation into him, in the first place? The biggest question first: Her name is Han Seo Hee, and she is currently years-old born in Her start in entertainment appears to be when she auditioned for JYP Entertainment, in

Former EXO member Kris Wu involved in sex scandal?

Dispatch dating scandal Qconlinecom — moline dispatch rock island argus Experts are questioning the way yg were able to make a contract for this project. What was more shocking though was the. Taeyeon updated her snapchat with the panda face filter, and g-dragon soon followed by posting a weibo update with the same filter a day later.

Dating OFW, Retiradong sundalo, DEAD-ON-arrival sa La Union Medical Center sa Agoo, La Union ang isang dating OFW matapos magpatiwakal sa pamamagitan ng pagbigti sa puno ng mangga na nasa bakuran ng kanilang bahay sa Barangay Lomboy, Sto.

L Lee began her career as part of South Korean pop girl group Fin. As the eldest member, she was the leader of the group. Lee was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends and was the last member to join Fin. L, just before their debut in January L debuted officially on May 22, with their first single “Blue Rain”. The second release from their debut album, ” To My Boyfriend “, became the first of their multiple number one hits.

L became one of the most popular and successful South Korean pop groups of all-time, rivaling fellow popular girl group S.

Lee Joo-yeon

Over the last four years Taehyun has had numerous scandals with actors, actresses, models, and non-celebs. This guy seems like your typical playboy. And his latest scandal does nothing to deter such an image. It was suspected that Taehyun and label mate Ai were dating. However, after shocking images of him and a model from another agency were posted on the internet he has been labeled as a two-timer.

There are doubts to these rumors though, since Taehyun once said in a magazine interview that he does not indulge in serious relationships.

Apr 29,  · A career with a clear expiration date such as an athlete eventually arrives at that juncture of when is the right time to hang up the hat. Stars can evolve their careers as they ago, for the most part, but sometimes there are pitfalls too big to ever recover from.

That sounds like a fun idea. Terry Mcginnis can we also do the Kpop confession? So we’ll do a confession, rates and predictions? I google searched and found my predictions pretty easily. I posted them on Dec 28th so almost exactly a year from today. I’ll bold what came true.

[UPDATED]Ailee Pre-Debut Nude Pictures Leaked! YMC Entertainment Statement!

In addition, he also revealed marriage plans with Lee EunJoo of Swi. Go under the cut for the translated letter. Also, the money will be donated to charity. No-edit version and the 19 and younger version.

mercoledì 30 ottobre – EXO Italia. L dating allkpop #14 Still wishing badly for a dating scandal!!! allkpop Meme Center List of All Kpop Groups Kpop College L .

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. The decade-old group disbanded on January 26, Hide Caption 1 of 7 Photos: The South Korean pop band disbanded November Hide Caption 2 of 7 Photos: The group performed their last concerts in January after announcing they would go on hiatus to complete their military service. Hide Caption 3 of 7 Photos: K-pop’s growing pains I. I — Members of I. They disbanded on January 31, Hide Caption 4 of 7 Photos:

Running Man stars Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong Kook to leave show after 6 years

Several dubious photos of a man who looks like Kris were circulated on Weibo. June 15, The K-pop star became the centre of speculations when two users called themselves Kris’ ex-girlfriends and uploaded pictures of a man they claimed is Kris.

Adobe Photoshop es una herramienta obligada para la edición de imágenes y retoque fotográfico profesional. Esta herramienta te ayuda a trabajar de forma más eficiente con sus numerosas opciones y explota la creatividad en el diseño adaptándose tanto a usuarios más profesionales como a aquellos que están empezando a desarrollar sus inquietudes artisticas.

You know what they say, once you entered the world of K-Pop, you can never go out. Before, i used to hide my craziness with the Korean culture as people might find it weird or silly. Unfortunately, also showed me the other side of K-Pop. Are you ready to enter the DARK side? February 11 this year, a transgender woman posted a controversial status on her Facebook.

Although the allegations were revealed to be all lies by the transgender herself, the damage has been done. Here is CL in all her glory performing the edited version of the song. She went to London to study language and acting classes. Who knows, maybe she will come back as a mature and charismatic woman in the future.


Dec 06 Sulli’s personality is the best she is so sweet and kind towards her members [f x ] and has such a cute a dorky personality. I love how she is cute, funny, a “giant baby” and cool. Sulli is so beautiful. Her acting as a child actress was amazing Sulli did such an amazing job as a kid and recently in ttby acted adorably based on the Jap version Sulli did so well [Jap Ver while funny the acting was too exaggerated] I can’t wait to see Sulli in “Pirates” movie and hopefully “Fashion King” movie she will be so great since they are not rom com and teen genre’s which can promote Sulli’s wonderful acting.

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So you can understand why I might be a little excited by this. The advent of paparazzi in Korea, Dispatch and the Ailee-allkpop scandal. You can hear the full thing here: It was strange to hear familiar names like AJ a. The episode digs into the creation of Dispatch and the start of western style paparazzi with the big Jonghyun and Shin Se-kyung dating revelation of looking at how it was driven by the aspirations of a small group of journalists.

A sad state of affairs, really. None of us really know even now. As much as I hate to say it, allkpop have mostly recovered. K-pop fans have short memories and a lot of Koreans turned against allkpop for their supposed pro-Japanese, Korea-hating ways, not their unethical journalism. Sports Seoul and Dispatch may have been the start of western-style paparazzi in Korea but they were hardly the start of gossip or scandals. Long before Ailee was on the radar, Ivy and Baek Ji-young both had their careers nearly destroyed by sex tapes — which, in one case, may never have existed and, in the other, was taped by a later convicted criminal.

Choosing instead to stand by women who have been exposed unwillingly. That this was a brand new phenomenon which the public stopped in its tracks. The crux of the show came down to a discussion about whether Korean entertainment journalism will end up like the West and therefore bad or different and therefore good.

Top 15 Most SHOCKING Kpop & Korean Celebrity SCANDALS of All Time Pt.1