How Do I Connect My Desktop to the Nearby Wireless Internet WiFi Hotspot?

Can i hook my iphone up to any mobile carrier? Bailey I just bought an iphone on ebay, can i hook it up to any mobile carrier? I would like to hook it up to virgin mobile now that they have iphones Ryan Yeah it’s pretty much open to any carrier now. Previously you’d have to jailbreak it, but not anyomore. Bleeding Rose Writer My mom did that. If you buy your own iphone, you usually can hook it up with any one who supports the iphone. You don’t have to pay the company for the phone.

Unlocked Phones and Your Carrier: How They Work Together

I was swayed by the low prices, but how do they really compare when it comes to service? Ting has changed a lot over the last few years. While there is still some good info on this page, you may want to check out my latest review here:

BTW, for others who are looking to unlock their phone and find a SIM card in another country, one thing the Verizon agent said that I didn’t see written anywhere is that once unlocked the phone won’t be usable with Verizon, i.e. in the US or with any Verizon plan internationally.

As is the case with many cable and Internet companies, there is an early termination fee when some services are cancelled before the end of the contract period. Before signing up for service at that special introductory price, make sure to read the fine print. There could be a contract period of one to two years that you agree to when placing the order. If the price goes up — you have to maintain service or face the early termination fee. There is no mention that Verizon FIOS services can be cancelled in a Verizon store, so calling customer service before heading into the store is the best bet.

This information was not found on the Verizon FIOS website as it appears that Verizon is not keen on sharing tons of contract information with non-customers. Customers have 14 days to review the services and decide whether or not they wish to continue with the contract. During this grace period, if the contract is cancelled customers are not responsible for the early termination fee.

According to the changes made to the cancellation policy in , customers who move out of the Verizon FIOS service area are still responsible for the early termination fee. This has caused quite the uproar in the customer community.

How Do I Connect My Desktop to the Nearby Wireless Internet WiFi Hotspot?

They use very similar technology to provide customers with a feature rich multimedia TV, telephone, and internet experience. Technology Verizon has decided to deploy fiber optic connections directly to subscriber homes. This is called fiber-to-the-premises FTTP. Since Verizon is not making use of the existing copper wiring between their field equipment and the residence, they will lose a lot of time laying fiber connections, and it will take an extremely long time for a widespread roll-out of Fios.

Hi guys. I just switched to comcast xfinity and have my fios verizon actiontec router which i didn’t have to return. I was thinking of hooking it up to the comcast co-ax cable and see how that works.

Gadget Hacks Tethering your Android phone basically turns it into a mobile hotspot, allowing you to funnel a 3G or 4G internet connection from your phone into your PC or laptop via USB. As you might expect, phone carriers brought the hammer down in an effort to stop users from getting around the fees they charge to normally allow you to do this. Luckily, the FCC has stepped in and has made Verizon stop its block on tethering apps. In that window, check the box that says USB Debugging.

Download and install that app. On the PC or laptop you want to give internet access to, go to the PdaNet website and download the appropriate free PdaNet version for your operating system. PdaNet is free, but limits secure browsing. The app will begin running as a background service. On your computer, there will now be a small phone symbol in your system tray.

How to connect Windows phone to Windows 10 laptop?

This post may contain affiliate links. There are a few options for travelers to keep in touch on the road with international cell phone service and data plans. Why would I even want a working mobile phone while traveling? I run this blog as a small business. Local tour operators, clients, and public relations people need the ability to contact me. Staying active on social media is a major part of my business model too.

Click Test Account Settings to verify that you have configured your Verizon Online email settings correctly. If you want to save your email messages to a previous Outlook data file, select the Existing Outlook Data File radio button and click Browse to select the existing Outlook Data File you want to save your Outlook email messages to.

Enter a passcode if required Confirm the action by tapping Reset All Settings. Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes No service on iPhone can also be fixed by restoring the iPhone using iTunes. You need to keep that this will erase everything you have on your device, so backup your data first. To restore your iPhone to factory settings, follow these steps: Make sure you have a stable Internet connection and the latest version of iTunes software.

Click Restore on the Summary tab. Before the process starts, iTunes will download the firmware first. Wait until the restoring process is completed. Some users complained about the issue after they upgraded their devices to iOS 9. In most cases, all you need to do is wait for a while and give your device some time to settle after the update. There are a couple of things to try: After that, enable the Airplane mode and leave it on for seconds. Turn off the Airplane mode, and enable Cellular data.

Tap Reset network settings to confirm your action.


If you want to activate a used iPhone, you have a few options. The first option is the easiest: A second option is to jailbreak the iPhone and use it as an iPod touch without phone service. A third option is to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone for use on another carrier like T-Mobile. This is by far the easiest way to activate and reuse an old iPhone.

Wireless internet in WiFi hotspots makes for a convenient connection. To connect to the wireless internet, you need proximity, a little hardware, and permission. I have a desktop computer that is not hooked up to the internet, nor has been. There is a WiFi hot spot down the street; since it is free.

Built-in cellular offers several advantages over using a smartphone or peripheral. On the other hand, there are some down sides to embedded mobile broadband. Think how much more storage, or other options and accessories you might get instead for the same price! Also on the money side, there are added costs for either getting a cellular plan or adding another line to your existing plan. You might want to check for pay-as-you-go options.

Then, about six months after I finally did that, I stopped the auto-renew, first by relying on Wi-FI to access the Internet, and some months later, by using my iPhone to provide Internet access to my iPad and notebook. Using a smartphone as a hotspot can be quite convenient. Many of us carry our phones with us everywhere. Yet carriers tend to charge extra fees for hotspotting options. Also, hotspotting tends to run down batteries quickly.

One solution here is to bring a pocket battery pack — such as the Innergie PocketCell Duo — along with you. Fortunately, though, this limit is going away. If you decide against using your smartphone as a hotspot, you still have two other choices:

Comcast Cable Service

Use this app to manage your entire Verizon account from anywhere, in style. The Feed All you need to know about your data, plan, and bill in one seamless Feed, personalized with products and content just for you. The Data Hub Your data control center. Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more the second you need it.

Verizon Connect solutions help you organize your mobile workforce, improve asset utilization, reduce compliance headaches and eliminate paperwork so you can accomplish more with less. Learn more Keeping a fleet safe.

Edit If you have a cell phone with a built-in browser that can connect to the Internet then you are able to try this. If your browser on your phone doesn’t work ask your cell phone service provider and your cell phone manufacturer for help. If you don’t have a built-in browser you can download a trial copy of the Opera browser to your computer and then upload and install it on your phone.

You don’t want to use your phone to surf for the software and install it over-the-air OTA since you will pay a lot for data access or use up your kbytes. If you can’t get a browser for your phone working it may be that the following will not work for you either. You can read your cell phone manual or ask your cell phone service provider if you can get “data access” for your phone. You can ask to trade-up for a phone that does offer this funtionality. You can test if the following would work by opening your cell phone browser.

Your cell phone service provider’s “Home Page” is often free, otherwise it will only cost a few cents since it should be a tiny page. This is like using ADSL or a cable modem except much slower and much more costly. I am still working on getting regular dial-up to operate on my phone so references in these notes to regular dial-up are incomplete.

My phone won’t allow me to alter S35 so I need a workaround This information is still a work in progress, the tech support lines seem unwilling claiming incompetance to assist. The second connection we are going to setup is direct dial-up to an ISP.

Verizon Wireless expands its Home Phone Connect service

One of the main selling points for Verizon Fios is the fiber optic lines used for television and Internet access. Verizon Fios claims fiber optics are faster than cable connections. Customer Service Email If you have an issue with Verizon Fios and you need to email customer service, you can use the email form https:

Do NOT connect your phone to the computer with the cord until you get to step 7 On your android phone, go to your list of apps (not home screen), and tap “settings” In settings, select “applications”.

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Check out some of our greatest hits below, explore the categories listed on the left-hand side of the page, or head to CR. Then, a month later, Verizon sent the administrator of the account, his mother, a bill for the replacement phone.

My new phone broke, but I kept my old one. How do I switch it back on TELUS?

Quite simply, that is what VoIP can do for you. Connecting to a newer phone company’s network directly via the Internet instead of by dedicated copper wire , providing you with a device which provides phone service a dial tone. You just plug your new VoIP device into a spare port on the router connected to your Internet modem.

May 10,  · Hey there everyone, I recently bought the LG Pay&Talk version because I was bored of my LG (LG Chocolate Flip) now my new LG is acting up on me.

Phone Service What service you want to use with your antique telephones? Decide whether you want to use antique phones with your mobile phone service, your home internet service, a cable-based phone service, a traditional land-line service or some combination of these and follow the links below. Cable-based phone service like Comcast or Time Warner Cable: Traditional land-line service like Verizon home service or FairPoint: Once you have what you need to use your phone service, you’re ready to buy an antique telephone!

Bluetooth Gateway This is the method I initially chose for making calls through my antique telephone, so I have the most to say about this option. I like it because I use my iPhone all of the time anyway to access the internet and send text messages, so it makes sense for me to pair my antique telephone with my iPhone while I’m at home. There are a few devices on the market that act as a Bluetooth gateway for traditional land-line phones:

How is AT&T U-verse different from Verizon Fios?

Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. How can I tell if my tablet will work? Tablets purchased and activated overseas may not operate on these bands. We provide instructions for this; however, please note that some services may not work with every device even after settings have been updated.

If you open the customer side, there will be a phone line plugged in using a typical phone style connector simply unplug it and leave it unplugged. Your phone is all coming from the ONT, so nothing more to do.

You can do this by going to menu-settings then connectivity. Once there you simply select the option to turn? Some phones don’t require you to go to settings first. They provide a separate connectivity icon on the top level of the menu page. Either way, once you turn the Bluetooth function on leave the phone open to the connectivity page. Now it’s time to get your headset into pairing mode.

Signing Up For Verizon Wireless Prepaid Bring Your Own Device Plan